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Nikola Tesla  centre

 Memorial "Nikola Tesla" is a multidisciplinary institution that combines science, art and tourism. Located in  Smiljan and under the direction of the Museum of Gospic Lika. Opened on 10 srpnja 2006th g on the  occasion of the 150th anniversary of Tesla's birth.

 The concept of the Memorial Center is the coexistence of various facilities. Earlier there were birthplace of  Nikola Tesla (which is now a permanent exhibition of documentary material) and accompanying  outbuildings, St.. Apostles Peter and Paul (where Tesla's father once exercised a parish ministry),
 cemetery, stone monuments and benches architect Zdenko Collation. The newly built facilities are: porch,  parking, walking paths, monument sculptor Mile Blazevic, an auditorium, a prototype of Tesla's inventions -  Tesla test station from Colorado Springs, the Tesla Turbine, Tesla ship that can operate using radio waves,  bridge (from which the observed motion remote controlled boat), a multimedia center, children's playground  (didactic toys with an understanding of the operation of machines), ambient lighting, etc.

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House for rent Nikola Tesla


The inventor , electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla was born on 9/10. srpnja 1856th in the village of Smiljan near Gospic . He comes from an Orthodox family , the father , Milutin was an Orthodox priest , and his mother Georgina ( Duka ) also dates from the Orthodox priest's family Mandic . He had three sisters, Milka , Angelina and Marica and one brother Dan.
First schooling begins in his native Smiljan where he goes in Krajina trivijalku , the school where he teaches German language , numeracy and religious education , after which he went to Gospic where he goes in preparatory elementary school and Lower gymnasium. Gospic goes to Rakovac in Karlovac where he finished Higher gymnasium. In Graz enrolled at Polytechnic High School with a scholarship of the Military Frontier , but after the abolition of scholarships in order to demobilization of the Military Frontier Nicholas fails to complete the second year of study and gives a card game , gambling to make up for the financial loss , fails, and gives up the study before the third year . A short time working in Maribor and after the death of his father 1879th whatever . working in Real High School in Gospic . Year of 1880. trying to study in Prague that he fails and a year later began working in Budapest and participates in the construction of the first telephone exchange . In Paris, Tesla worked for Edison Company ( Continental Edison Company ) and 1883rd whatever . Strasbourg constructed the first model of the induction motor , after returning to Paris Tesla gets recommendation Batchellor and Charles , 1884. Whatever goes to New York and got a job in the Edison Company . After disagreements with Edison 1885th whatever . Tesla established his own company, Tesla Electric & manufucturing Company . A year later, his company collapses and refrain hard physical labor. Year , 1887. Tesla , Tesla Electric Company and applying patents : polyphase system of electrical transmission . energy , induction motor , generators and transformers. A year later , 1888. Tesla has partnered with George Westinghouse and sold his patents based on AC electricity for a million dollars but , however, has received about $ 60,000 ( as stated in some sources ) . Tesla in 1889. whatever . Returns to Europe and visited his native Liku.To his first visit to the E urope since he went to America . In 1890s. begins to explore the current high frequencies and a year later drafted Tesla coil ( transformer ) . Another visit to Europe was the 1892nd whatever . when buried his mother and then visited other European cities : London , Paris , Zagreb, Budapest and Belgrade . Year in 1893. exhibition was held in Chicago dedicated to the achievements of electrical engineering where Tesla shows the advantage of AC power . The fire in his 1895th whatever . laboratory destroyed by failing to announce the discovery of the electron and x - rays. The year 1896. at the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power plant was put into operation in which they used Tesla's patents based on alternating electricity Tesla was first made, and the remote control , and in 1898 demonstrated a remote control boat . Continued research of high-frequency and high-voltage electricity , and in 1899. whatever . raises lab in Colorado Springs where he performed experiments with these currents . Year , 1900. begins to build a system of wireless transmission of energy on Long Island that was never finished because he was JP Morgan repealed funding so it could not continue . Tesla continues with his inventions and so in 1907. Whatever makes the turbine without blades a year later and tested , dealt with the findings related to mechanical engineering from 1910 to 1922 . The 1919th Tesla released autobiography " Faust ." Tesla is still reported from different areas of patents as patent vakumiziranje , for vertical take-off aircraft , engaged in the improvement of the production process sulfur , iron and copper .
Edison Medal ( the highest award of the American Society of electric engineers ) received in 1917. whatever . , and 1926th whatever . became an honorary doctor of the University of Zagreb . Year in 1937. receives honorary doctorate from the Polytechnic School in Graz and the University of Paris. Tesla lived in a lot of hotels where he died . He died on 7 January 1943. in New York at the New Yorker at 33 floor apartment in 3327 in the 86 - th year.