Nikola Tesla centre

 Memorial "Nikola Tesla" is a multidisciplinary institution that combines science, art and tourism. Located in  Smiljan and under the direction of the Museum of Gospic Lika. Opened on 10 srpnja 2006th g on the  occasion of the 150th anniversary of Tesla's birth.

 The concept of the Memorial Center is the coexistence of various facilities. Earlier there were birthplace of  Nikola Tesla (which is now a permanent exhibition of documentary material) and accompanying  outbuildings, St.. Apostles Peter and Paul (where Tesla's father once exercised a parish ministry), cemetery, stone monuments and benches architect Zdenko Collation. The newly built facilities are: porch,  parking, walking paths, monument sculptor Mile Blazevic, an auditorium, a prototype of Tesla's inventions -  Tesla test station from Colorado Springs, the Tesla Turbine, Tesla ship that can operate using radio waves,  bridge (from which the observed motion remote controlled boat), a multimedia center, children's playground  (didactic toys with an understanding of the operation of machines), ambient lighting, etc.

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